The Springs LA

The Springs LA

13 Episodes

The Springs is a multi-faceted urban oasis cultivating health, wellness, sustainability and community. Located in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, The Springs includes an organic juice bar, yoga studio, wellness center, restaurant and wine bar. Creating a hub for health-conscious consumers, wellness-seekers, and foodies, The Springs is an eco-vegan-mind-body-one-stop-shop The Springs' handcrafted blend of yoga and movement classes offers everything from basics, flow, power flow, Kundalini, restorative, yin, meditation, and more. With over 45 classes per week and a variety of highly experienced instructors, our programming is accessible to students of all skill levels.

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The Springs LA
  • Revitalizing and Restoration Yoga Flow at the Wall with The Springs LA

    Episode 1

    A revitalizing and restorative wall practice for all levels. Relax, sharpen your mind, boost and your energy with this simple and effective series.

  • All Levels Vinyasa Yoga Flow with The Springs LA

    Episode 2

    Stretch the body and open the mind while warming the body for a methodical flow by applying pranayama. Neutralizing thinking and bring awareness inward through strength building, balancing and intention.

  • Gentle Hip Opening Yoga Flow with The Springs LA

    Episode 3

    A gentle vinyasa flow that opens the hip through lengthening the spine and strengthening the core.

  • Morning Yoga Flow to Energize with The Springs LA

    Episode 4

    Morning dynamic flow refreshes, energizes and awakens the body thoughtfully. Discover creative and mindful sequencing sprinkled with pranayama and stretching holds. Moderate heat provided via poses that challenge and stimulate to restore, balance and strengthen. This asana allows for quiet stilln...

  • Yoga Flow to Open Chest & Shoulders with The Springs LA

    Episode 5

    Featuring instructor Kristin Deiss, this flow focuses on opening the chest and shoulders via postures including forward fold, reverse triangle, shoulder opener, reverse swan dive, and extended side angle.

  • Morning Yoga Flow with Focus on Alignment with The Springs LA

    Episode 6

    Moderate morning yoga provides a gradual warm up using strength, balance, and breath to increase heat. Alignment based holds open the upper and lower bodies in combination with dynamic asana.

  • Mindful Vinyasa Interval Yoga Flow with The Springs LA

    Episode 7

    Moderate vinyasa asana intended to release mind and body through creative warm ups transitioned into flow practice for building heat; to cultivate strength, balance, and flexibility while pausing the thoughts to transform the body mind connection.

  • Level II Vinyasa Yoga Flow with The Springs LA

    Episode 8

    A mindful morning flow which builds sequences with a melodious dance beat from warms up and stretches before flowing into vinyasa, adding strength-balance and flexibility building sprinkled with moderate challenge and creative dancer like transitions as well as counter poses to release tension an...

  • 30 Minute Vinyasa Yoga Flow with The Springs LA

    Episode 9

    An all-levels vinyasa flow with variations for beginners to advanced practitioners.

  • Hip Opening Pose Breakdown with The Springs LA

    Episode 10

    Ben Gettinger makes hip openers accessible for all levels with this step-by-step guided flow. Learn how to gently and safely gain flexibility in hips by building heat and gradually moving into deeper postures.

  • Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Stress Release with The Springs LA

    Episode 11

    Instructor Lea Kraemer guides you through a Hatha Vinyasa Flow with deep twists and heart openers to aid in stress reduction.

  • Gentle Yoga Flow to Restore Hips with The Springs LA

    Episode 12

    Props are recommended: bolster, strap, and blanket. Perfect for anyone who's had a long day of sitting, driving, jogging, traveling, or stress.

  • Yoga Flow to Open Hips with The Springs LA

    Episode 13

    A mixed Hatha and Vinyasa Flow for Levels 1 & 2 with instructor Kristen Deiss focusing on hip openers. You will work internal rotation, external rotation, pigeon, pigeon prep, reverse warrior, warrior 2, plank, chair pose, lizard pose, and 3 legged dog, for the ultimate emotional release.