Sasha Yoga and Wellness

Sasha Yoga and Wellness

11 Episodes

Growing up, I tried a variety of sports and had aspirations to be everything I learned about in school when I grew up: archaeologist [let’s be honest, I wanted to be a dinosaur], artist, singer, actor, writer, fashion designer. The one constant in my life was always dance.

Not surprisingly, dance is what ultimately brought me to yoga. For over 20 years I have been performing tap, contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop. I have assisted, choreographed, and taught classes in various styles for students of all ages.

At the University of California, Santa Barbara I studied dance, French, and graduated with a BA in theater design. I went on to receive an MFA in fashion merchandising from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, but my heart was still set on helping others. Somewhere along the way to finishing my thesis on sustainable fashion, I discovered I was able to do this through yoga and nutrition.

After moving to New York in 2010 I dedicated myself to deepening my yoga practice and studying nutrition. I gratefully fell into Anya Porter’s Breakti® movement, which further inspired me to teach yoga myself. I found a certification program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which encouraged me to pursue wellness consulting. I noticed that yoga and nutrition went hand in hand, and they both turned my world right-side up.

In February 2019 I relocated to Paris in continual pursuit of both learning and sharing my studies and experiences with yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, nutrition, sustainability, and global interconnectedness.

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Sasha Yoga and Wellness
  • Bedtime Yoga Flow with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Episode 1

    This sequence can be practiced after your workday, before getting into bed, or even upon waking.

    My intention was to keep it relatively simple and open up areas of the body that may generally feel tight after a long workday or sleeping - for example the shoulders, back, or psoas (hip-flexor) mus...

  • Twists with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Episode 2

    Twists are a wonderful way of both strengthening and mobilizing the spine, muscles, bones, and organs to boot.

    Use the legs in this sequence to lengthen the torso, which will allow the belly to free and rotate.

    Place the shoulder blades nicely on the upper back, as though they could move forwar...

  • Standing Yoga Postures with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Episode 3

    It is important to pay attention to the use of the feet and legs in standing poses - obviously.

    Consider what it means to you to ground through the feet; to feel stable and balanced - whether you are standing on one foot or two; whether you are on a mat or not.

    Use the components from the moon ...

  • Arm Balances + Inversions with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Episode 4

    Arm balances help to focus the attention on the task at hand (it’s not easy to think of your to-do list when you’re standing on your hands…), and build physical and mental strength and stability. When adding an inversion into the mix, you exercise not only your body but also your literal and figu...

  • 15 Minute Yoga Flow with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Episode 5

    A dynamic 15-minute vinyasa flow incorporating breath and alignment-based movement.

  • Seated Forward Bend Practice with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Episode 6

    Join Sasha for a balanced yoga flow focused on opening the hamstrings and back body using a series of forward folds.

  • Standing Twists with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Episode 7

    Standing twists combine balance, focus, and the power to naturally detoxify the body.In this video Sasha guides you through a series of standing twists and offers advice on enhancing your focus and practice.

  • Backbend + Restore with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Episode 8

    Open your heart and side body with this hatha yoga flow meant to help restore equilibrium in the body and mind.

  • Forearm Balance with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Episode 9

    From crow to pincha, work on the basis of forearm stands with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

  • Stretching with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Episode 10

    Use this video after your intense workouts or on your rest day.

  • Open Twists + Open Hips with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Episode 11

    Detox and let go with this yoga flow meant to detox through gentle twisting and the release of stored emotions through opening the hips. It's a super powerful connection between body and mind.