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Watch this video and more on Mission 360

Yoga Flow to Open Hips with The Springs LA


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  • Twists with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Twists are a wonderful way of both strengthening and mobilizing the spine, muscles, bones, and organs to boot.

    Use the legs in this sequence to lengthen the torso, which will allow the belly to free and rotate.

    Place the shoulder blades nicely on the upper back, as though they could move forwar...

  • Arm Balances + Inversions with Sasha ...

    Arm balances help to focus the attention on the task at hand (it’s not easy to think of your to-do list when you’re standing on your hands…), and build physical and mental strength and stability. When adding an inversion into the mix, you exercise not only your body but also your literal and figu...

  • Refreshing Vinyasa Flow with Kristen ...

    This refreshing vinyasa flow sequence will help you move through any stagnant energy in the body and mind. The 30 minute fun class will get you feeling good as you connect your breath and movement and then end in a deep relaxing meditation.