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Power Yoga

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Power Yoga
  • Quick Trip to Paradise Yoga Flow with Vanessa Van Noy

    Episode 1

    Quick trip to paradise... Bird of Paradise that is. Bird of Paradise is a beautiful yet complex pose that requires a lot of warm up and preparation. This practice is under an hour, we use specific salutations (which you can add more of if you choose) and prep poses to get ready for this fabulous ...

  • Get Moving Yoga Flow with Vanessa Van Noy

    Episode 2

    OK wait, now get moving. Hold and flow. This practice will be simple yet challenging. A great combo of holding poses for strength, and salutations for fluidity and balance. Different variations will be explored to challenge everyone safely. Hold...Flow...Hold...Flow...Hold...Rest. Sounds good right?

  • I.T. May Not Be Hurting You Now Yoga Flow with Vanessa Van Noy

    Episode 3

    The I.T. band is a nasty little strip of connective tissue that runs down the outside of your thigh and plugs into the knee. It can wreak havoc if it gets tight and immobile, lower back pain, knee pain just to name some of the hits. This vinyasa flow will ease up some of that congestion in the I....

  • Kick Your Asana into Summer Yoga Flow with Vanessa Van Noy

    Episode 4

    Summer is finally here, and that means we are more out and about enjoying activities that can make our bodies tight. This playful little practice will warm you up with some summer flavor, then open up those pockets of tightness created by that fun we have in the sun.

  • Say Hello to My Little Friend Yoga Flow with Vanessa Van Noy

    Episode 5

    SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND...The brick. Bricks are an amazing tool to aid your practice. All props can not only make many postures more accessible to a newbie, but can deepen some of the usual suspects for veteran mat junkies. This fun practice will show you how to use bricks to explore some n...

  • Morning Coffee Yoga Flow with Vanessa Van Noy

    Episode 6

    COFFEE BREATH. The breath is not only your constant companion, it is also an important tool in your life box. The breath can give your energy and your mood a lift. It can also calm you down and create some space if you need it. We will encourage the breath to aid in our practice by shifting its f...

  • Good Things in Small Packages Yoga Flow with Vanessa Van Noy

    Episode 7

    This fun little flow gets it all done. We check on our breath, build some strength, make some space, maybe we have a few giggles. Nothing complicated, no props required. Take it easy or spice it up as you wish.

  • This Is How We Roll Yoga Flow with Vanessa Van Noy

    Episode 8

    Vanessa Van Noy's classes are always a little bit different from the last. With music that motivates the body and lifts the spirit, her class environment is conducive to laughing one moment, or discovering your true inner-self the next. It is always a flowing style, intelligently formulated to mo...

  • The Work-Release Yoga Flow with Vanessa Van Noy

    Episode 9

    In order to have any kind of balance in you life you need to have parts of effort and ease. To have any kind of success at you job, you family, your relationships, you have to put in some serious work. That work takes a lot of energy. So you don't lose your crap, you have to get a break once in a...

  • Plank Pushup Challenge with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 10

    Join Lindsay in this 15 minute yoga push-up & plank challenge. This challenge will increase your mental and physical endurance and strengthen your upper body.

  • Late Summer Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 11

    Unwind and settle into this transitional time in this well rounded and all level practice. Filmed ocean side, let your worries float away as your guided through creative variations of sun salutations. This practice targets the whole body and includes hip openers, backbends, arm strengthening and ...

  • Balance Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 12

    This practice is designed to align your body and center your mind. Develop your focus, stability and full body equilibrium. This is an all level flow incorporating standing balances, twists, forward folds and postures that demand your concentration.

  • Handstand Tutorial with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 13

    This is an informative demonstration and description of the basic steps to work towards finding balance in handstand. This class is designed for all levels. We will also breakdown the prep postures for this challenging yet invigorating inversion. You will learn how to build the strength and maint...

  • Crow in Your Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 14

    This short but powerful practice is great to release any stuck energy and will get you sweating quickly. This practice is designed to strengthen your upper body and stimulate your core. There is a major emphasis on incorporating the arm balance Crow into the flow. This fun loving series will not ...

  • Yoga for Runners Flow with Kiley Holliday

    Episode 15

    Kiley Holliday designed this all-levels yoga class to help runners develop greater flexibility, fitness, and mental focus.

  • Flexibility Yoga Flow with Kiley Holliday

    Episode 16

  • Fast Focused Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 17

    Get a lot of yoga packed into a little bit of time in this fun vinyasa flow! This practice provides a morning, midday or late afternoon energy boost. The breath-work and movement will be fast-paced with emphasis on strong full body focus and a concentrated gaze. Get your endorphins running as we ...

  • Level II Vinyasa Yoga Flow with The Springs LA

    Episode 18

    A mindful morning flow which builds sequences with a melodious dance beat from warms up and stretches before flowing into vinyasa, adding strength-balance and flexibility building sprinkled with moderate challenge and creative dancer like transitions as well as counter poses to release tension an...

  • Yoga for Athletes with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 19

    This class is designed for all levels to increase flexibility, balance, strength and mental focus. This vinyasa flow will enhance your athletic performance and prevent injury in your activity of choice. Filmed beachside, we will flow into arm balances, standing balances, inversions, twists and ba...

  • Salute the Sun Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 20

    This practice is a series of yoga poses performed in a continuous flowing sequence and intended to improve the strength and flexibility of the muscles. Get your sun salutations on in this short, structured and invigorating practice. You will be guided through 9 Salutations (Sun Salutation A & B &...

  • Advanced Meditative Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 21

    This practice takes place amidst the beautiful mountains of Hawaii. Through repetition of a sequence and focus on the breath, we come into a meditation in motion and build strength and endurance through arm balances, inversions, back bends and standing balance. We will use rhythmic breath along w...

  • Soft Body, Soft Breath, Soft Mind Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 22

    This practice allows you the chance to slow down and give yourself a break. This all-level, gentle flow encourages loose fluid movements to bring an open clear mind. We will begin with working from the ground up, focusing on a sound foundation using backbends, forward folds and twists. We will in...

  • Core Power Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 23

    A strong, detoxifying, vinyasa flow practice.

  • Wake Up Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 24

    Wonderful all round practice to start your day. This all levels, vinyasa flow is designed to get your energy moving, invigorate your soul and give you a proper wake up!