Modrn Sanctuary

Modrn Sanctuary

2 Episodes

Modrn Sanctuary is a luxury wellness center in the heart of the NoMad section of Manhattan. Breaking free of the blinding light and bright wellness center theme, Modrn Sanctuary is a haven for those looking to calm their senses and relax in the heart of the City. Within the 5,000+ square foot space, the décor blends east & west and old & new to create a unique and soothing balance. Included in the space is a salt room where class combines traditional yoga or healing modalities with LED color changing salt brick walls. The traditional and alternative practices that are offered at Modrn Sanctuary by 18+ practitioners offers a natural equilibrium.

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Modrn Sanctuary
  • White Chroma Yoga Flow for the Crown Chakra with Modrn Sanctuary

    Episode 1

    This ChromaYoga class focuses on the Crown Chakra (SAHASRARA) by reflecting on the color white. White light brings about perfect balance and harmony. It is the color of the awakened Spirit; the light of perfection; the light of the Cosmic Consciousness, the Divine Light. White light raises the vi...

  • Teal Chroma Yoga Flow for the Throat Chakra with Modrn Sanctuary

    Episode 2

    Throat Chakra (VISSUDHA) - Supported with the color teal

    Physical Correspondence: Thyroid. Jaw, neck, throat, voice, airways, upper lungs, arms.

    This vivid green-blue color is invigorating and calming. Blue is cooling, electric, astringent and soothes inflammation. Blue can be used for any typ...