Lindsay McCarthy Yoga

Lindsay McCarthy Yoga

21 Episodes

Lindsay McCarthy is a surf yogi certified in the hatha vinyasa style with a flair for inversions and a passion for yin. She is also an accomplished SUP and surf instructor. With a home base in New Jersey, Lindsay's mobile studio allows her to travel the world sharing the practice.

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Lindsay McCarthy Yoga
  • Plank Pushup Challenge with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 1

    Join Lindsay in this 15 minute yoga push-up & plank challenge. This challenge will increase your mental and physical endurance and strengthen your upper body.

  • Ultra Power Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 2

    This quick practice is an ultra-power building vinyasa style class. You will be led through arm balances, inversions and creative sequences. This is designed to challenge you, build strength and create balance in the body. Get your blood pumping and your endorphins firing in this ocean side power...

  • Lower Back Decompression Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 3

    In this all level practice we will do a repetitive sequence in order to promote lower back decompression.

  • Inversion Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 4

    This class is a fun and fresh inversion flow designed to energize and bring out your inner child. With the use of breath and creative transitions we will flow powerfully while playing with inversions. This class is challenging yet accessible; every level yogi can play!

  • Soft Fluid Yoga Flow with Lindsay MacCarthy

    Episode 5

    A sweet and soft vinyasa style class great for all levels encouraging presence and a positive subtle energy shift. This slow fluid flow is designed to open up and release any blocked energy.

  • Meditative Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 6

    In this all level practice we will do a repetitive sequence in order to promote meditation in motion. The smooth and steady pace of the class promotes a rhythmic. This class will take you out of your head and into your body and can be very healing.

  • Wake Up Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 7

    Wonderful all round practice to start your day. This all levels, vinyasa flow is designed to get your energy moving, invigorate your soul and give you a proper wake up!

  • Core Power Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 8

    A strong, detoxifying, vinyasa flow practice.

  • Soft Body, Soft Breath, Soft Mind Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 9

    This practice allows you the chance to slow down and give yourself a break. This all-level, gentle flow encourages loose fluid movements to bring an open clear mind. We will begin with working from the ground up, focusing on a sound foundation using backbends, forward folds and twists. We will in...

  • Advanced Meditative Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 10

    This practice takes place amidst the beautiful mountains of Hawaii. Through repetition of a sequence and focus on the breath, we come into a meditation in motion and build strength and endurance through arm balances, inversions, back bends and standing balance. We will use rhythmic breath along w...

  • Salute the Sun Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 11

    This practice is a series of yoga poses performed in a continuous flowing sequence and intended to improve the strength and flexibility of the muscles. Get your sun salutations on in this short, structured and invigorating practice. You will be guided through 9 Salutations (Sun Salutation A & B &...

  • Yoga for Athletes with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 12

    This class is designed for all levels to increase flexibility, balance, strength and mental focus. This vinyasa flow will enhance your athletic performance and prevent injury in your activity of choice. Filmed beachside, we will flow into arm balances, standing balances, inversions, twists and ba...

  • Fast Focused Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 13

    Get a lot of yoga packed into a little bit of time in this fun vinyasa flow! This practice provides a morning, midday or late afternoon energy boost. The breath-work and movement will be fast-paced with emphasis on strong full body focus and a concentrated gaze. Get your endorphins running as we ...

  • Crow in Your Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 14

    This short but powerful practice is great to release any stuck energy and will get you sweating quickly. This practice is designed to strengthen your upper body and stimulate your core. There is a major emphasis on incorporating the arm balance Crow into the flow. This fun loving series will not ...

  • Handstand Tutorial with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 15

    This is an informative demonstration and description of the basic steps to work towards finding balance in handstand. This class is designed for all levels. We will also breakdown the prep postures for this challenging yet invigorating inversion. You will learn how to build the strength and maint...

  • Balance Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 16

    This practice is designed to align your body and center your mind. Develop your focus, stability and full body equilibrium. This is an all level flow incorporating standing balances, twists, forward folds and postures that demand your concentration.

  • Late Summer Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 17

    Unwind and settle into this transitional time in this well rounded and all level practice. Filmed ocean side, let your worries float away as your guided through creative variations of sun salutations. This practice targets the whole body and includes hip openers, backbends, arm strengthening and ...

  • Full Body Yoga Flow with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 18

    This class is for all levels but particularly great to do before your favorite activities (running, walking, swimming, hiking, surfing etc.) We will stretch and strengthen the entire body with emphasis on hip opening.

  • Headstand Tutorial with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 19

    Step-by-step headstand tutorial.

  • Handstand Basics with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 20

    This brief beach practice teaches you the basic prep for a handstand and how to begin your journey of kicking into handstand from downward facing dog.

  • Beach Body Blast Yoga and Toning with Lindsay McCarthy

    Episode 21

    This fast paced summer vinyasa flow will whip you right into shape. Breath, strengthen and lengthen by the seaside. This practice includes shoulder, core and leg work to create a balanced and strong body and mind. It's a half hour of power that is easy to incorporate into your daily schedule.