Kristen Kurihara Yoga

Kristen Kurihara Yoga

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Kristen Kurihara is an LA based Yoga instructor, who has been teaching vinyasa yoga and meditation for 15 years for studios, rehab facilities, pop up branded events, and private clients. Her class is both invigorating and relaxing for students of all levels. She loves to play fun music that will get you moving, to restore and refresh your mind and body.

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Kristen Kurihara Yoga
  • Refreshing Vinyasa Flow with Kristen Kurihara

    Episode 1

    This refreshing vinyasa flow sequence will help you move through any stagnant energy in the body and mind. The 30 minute fun class will get you feeling good as you connect your breath and movement and then end in a deep relaxing meditation.

  • Gentle Movement and Meditation on the Future Self with Kristen Kurihara

    Episode 2

    Try this gentle yoga flow and meditation to open your mind and body to manifesting your future self.

    Optional Spotify playlist to add music to your flow: