Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

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Hatha Yoga
  • Bend It Yoga Flow with Vanessa Van Noy

    When we talk about “back bending” we should really call it “front opening." A comfortable backbend really relies on the front body having ample space. This practice will open your front so we can get bent in the back with safety and ease. Backbends are yogas mood elevators, you'll feel great afte...

  • Standing Yoga Postures with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    It is important to pay attention to the use of the feet and legs in standing poses - obviously.

    Consider what it means to you to ground through the feet; to feel stable and balanced - whether you are standing on one foot or two; whether you are on a mat or not.

    Use the components from the moon ...

  • Bedtime Yoga Flow with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    This sequence can be practiced after your workday, before getting into bed, or even upon waking.

    My intention was to keep it relatively simple and open up areas of the body that may generally feel tight after a long workday or sleeping - for example the shoulders, back, or psoas (hip-flexor) mus...

  • 30 Minute Pre-Natal Morning Yoga Flow with Andrea Bogart

    Yoga flow for mamas-to-be.

  • Morning Yoga Flow with Focus on Alignment with The Springs LA

    Moderate morning yoga provides a gradual warm up using strength, balance, and breath to increase heat. Alignment based holds open the upper and lower bodies in combination with dynamic asana.

  • Hip Quickie Yoga Flow with Vanessa Van Noy

    Most activities we engage in all day long make our hips tight. Sitting, standing, walking, running, biking, even laying on the couch. Tension carried in the hips has a huge effect on our emotional state, it also is a major contributor to lower back pain. Take a few minutes to ease some tension an...

  • Sleep Mode Yoga Flow with Vanessa Van Noy

    That glass of wine may be fine, but this will be better. This practice is a nice little quickie before bed; slow, with lots of calming forward bends. A 20 minute chill pill to get you ready for z-fest. Great to do in your pajamas.

  • White Chroma Yoga Flow for the Crown Chakra with Modrn Sanctuary

    This ChromaYoga class focuses on the Crown Chakra (SAHASRARA) by reflecting on the color white. White light brings about perfect balance and harmony. It is the color of the awakened Spirit; the light of perfection; the light of the Cosmic Consciousness, the Divine Light. White light raises the vi...

  • Teal Chroma Yoga Flow for the Throat Chakra with Modrn Sanctuary

    Throat Chakra (VISSUDHA) - Supported with the color teal

    Physical Correspondence: Thyroid. Jaw, neck, throat, voice, airways, upper lungs, arms.

    This vivid green-blue color is invigorating and calming. Blue is cooling, electric, astringent and soothes inflammation. Blue can be used for any typ...

  • Twists with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Twists are a wonderful way of both strengthening and mobilizing the spine, muscles, bones, and organs to boot.

    Use the legs in this sequence to lengthen the torso, which will allow the belly to free and rotate.

    Place the shoulder blades nicely on the upper back, as though they could move forwar...

  • Refreshing Vinyasa Flow with Kristen Kurihara

    This refreshing vinyasa flow sequence will help you move through any stagnant energy in the body and mind. The 30 minute fun class will get you feeling good as you connect your breath and movement and then end in a deep relaxing meditation.

  • 15 Minute Yoga Flow with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    A dynamic 15-minute vinyasa flow incorporating breath and alignment-based movement.

  • Seated Forward Bend Practice with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Join Sasha for a balanced yoga flow focused on opening the hamstrings and back body using a series of forward folds.

  • Standing Twists with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Standing twists combine balance, focus, and the power to naturally detoxify the body.In this video Sasha guides you through a series of standing twists and offers advice on enhancing your focus and practice.

  • Backbend + Restore with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Open your heart and side body with this hatha yoga flow meant to help restore equilibrium in the body and mind.

  • Gentle Movement and Meditation on the Future Self with Kristen Kurihara

    Try this gentle yoga flow and meditation to open your mind and body to manifesting your future self.

    Optional Spotify playlist to add music to your flow:

  • Day 1 of 30 Days of Yoga with Erin Murray

    Join Erin Murray for 30 Days of Yoga, with new challenges and flows each day.

  • Forearm Balance with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    From crow to pincha, work on the basis of forearm stands with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

  • Stretching with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Use this video after your intense workouts or on your rest day.

  • Open Twists + Open Hips with Sasha Yoga + Wellness

    Detox and let go with this yoga flow meant to detox through gentle twisting and the release of stored emotions through opening the hips. It's a super powerful connection between body and mind.