Riley Kinworthy

Riley Kinworthy

2 Episodes

Riley Kinworthy, former Athletic Director for F45 Global Headquarters and F45 Studio Owner, brings the industry's best HIIT training and loves providing efficient heart-pumping workouts to anyone looking to enjoy a quick burn and a good time.

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Riley Kinworthy
  • 8 Minute Coregasm with Riley Kinworthy

    Episode 1

    In just 8 minutes we will work your entire core, focusing on your obliques, transverse abdominous, rectus abdominous, and back muscles. No equipment is needed beyond a mat if desired.

  • Never Bored Quick HIIT with Riley Kinworthy

    Episode 2

    This 24 minute HIIT circuit will work every major muscle group in your body, with varying exercises to keep it spicy. Every 20 seconds you're doing something new, keeping your body guessing and spirits high. No equipment is needed for this fast, fun, and challenging workout.